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New supersized cinematic experience launched by Avengers Assemble star at Vue Islington at 8pm on 8th March. Vue is bringing super-sized cinema to Islington with the launch of VueXtreme, which is over 30% larger than regular cinema screens at over 90 meters squared. 

The VueXtreme experience will be showcased on 8th March at 8pm with an advanced screening of Sci-Fi action film John Carter 3D. What’s more, before the screening, the latest Avengers Assemble trailer will be introduced by star of the film, Tom Hiddleston.

With a total screen well over the size of two double decker buses, the super-sized VueXtreme is the first auditorium in Islington to include a screen that delivers films on such a scale. Bringing a whole new dimension to cinema entertainment featuring crystal clear picture quality with immersive surround sound, VueXtreme provides a state-of-the-art, unrivalled level of entertainment for cinema goers in Islington and the surrounding boroughs. 

The VueXtreme at Vue Islington measures over 16 meters wide and more than seven metres high, which is:

• Bigger than 11 transit vans

• Bigger than 7 ten pin bowling alleys

• Bigger than two badminton courts

• New equivalent to double the floor space of an average UK new-build house

• The equivalent of 221 40” widescreen TVs

• The just under the size of a tennis court

The opening of VueXtreme in Islington is a result of the success and popularity of the VueXtreme experience at other Vue sites such as Vue Westfield London. Vue Islington is one of five Vue Cinemas to be upgraded with VueXtreme during spring 2012 as part of a phased, national roll-out. 

Vuenique experience  

Vue’s digital projection technology is the most advanced in any cinema and gives unbelievably crystal clear, pin-sharp images.

Vue Profound SoundVue

Xtreme incorporates Vue Profound Sound, which is professionally mixed by one of the country’s leading sound engineers, to bring cinema goers a new level of sound quality so powerful it will blow them away. 

SuperVue Seating

The entire VueXtreme auditorium is fitted with over 440 extra-comfy, spacious SuperVue seats. Unlike many cinemas that have seats on a slope, Vue’s are stepped in tiers to give a perfect view of every inch of the giant screen. For those that want even more luxury, the auditorium also boasts 36 VIP seats.       

Tim Richards, CEO of Vue Entertainment comments: “We are extremely proud to be expanding our VueXtreme offering in London.  Islington has a vibrant cinema going audience and the site is one of our busiest locations in the capital. With this in mind we feel that we can excel in providing a more immersive experience for thrill-seeking cinema goers in North London.”

“We want to ensure that Islington is at the forefront of cutting edge cinema entertainment and our investment in Vue Islington highlights our commitment and dedication to creating the ultimate entertainment experience for everyone in the area."

Disney action film John Carter 3D, will be the first film to be given the VueXtreme treatment with a special screening. The film follows the eponymous hero, as he is transported to Mars only to find that the planet is inhabited and in the grips of a war between several races including the Thrak, a 12 foot barbarian race who take John captive. After escaping his captors, John discovers that the war is being created by a faction posing as the planet’s gods and takes it upon him-self to save the planet. Future VueXtreme films will include The Avengers 3D, The Hunger Games, The Amazing Spider-Man 3D and Dark Shadows.